The Rules

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Tournament starts 9am Saturday and 9am Sunday

Competition is a SENIOR 6-a-side soccer competition for males and females with unlimited interchange. Up to 4 interchange players are permitted.

The structure

Refer draws

Field Of Play

All matches will be played at Byron Bay recreational grounds Caryle St Byron Bay. The field shall be approximately 1/4 (one quarter) of a normal playing field (45m x 34m) The goal posts shall be approximately 5 x 1.8 metres


Size 5 ball


All players in a team must have matching shirts.

Duration of Matches

Snr competitions: 2 x 20 minute halves.

Half-time break: approximately two minutes.

Bibs are provided for any clash of colours

Borrowing Players

Teams may not borrow players from other teams without consulting the opposition and management (it may be allowed rather than have a forfeit). Offending teams will have the game treated as a forfeit. Teams may recruit additional players as long as the twelve limit has not been exceeded (subject to eligibility rules).

Pre-Match Procedure

Players, team contacts or coaches shall check which team they are to play and the field that they have been allocated.

Teams with similar coloured shirts shall approach a committee member (at the canteen) at least 10 minutes before kick-off to arrange for one team to wear bibs of a different colour.

Post-Match Procedure

A player, team contact, coach or other representative should check the referee’s match card immediately upon completion of the match to verify the score.

Point Scoring

Teams will earn 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw, 0 points for a loss.

A bye will earn 3 points but goals scored for/against remain unaltered.

•Forfeiture will be considered as a 3 – 0 win to the non-forfeiting side.

• The ranking of a team within the competition table will be determined as follows, in order of importance:

i. Points
ii. For/against differential
iii. Number of goals scored
iv. Direct match against other team with above parameters identical

Finals Series (to be confirmed)

World cup knock-out style tournament

If the score at the end of normal time is equal, then a sudden death penalty shootout will be held


In the event of an injury, the player or team contact shall complete an Incident Form available from the Tournament Directors Desk



The rules of the game are those of F.I.F.A. except as modified by the rules outlined in this document.

Where conflict arises between F.I.F.A. and BBS Rules, the latter will take precedence.

Any ambiguities shall be brought to the attention of the Tournament Director  who will then determine the ‘correct’ interpretation.

Main Rules

  1. Each game is 2 x 20 min halves
  2. The ball can not go above head height
  3. The keeper cannot kick the ball if he has it under control.
  4. The keeper must roll the ball out below the height of
    his shoulder (underarm).
  5. Sliding tackles are not allowed.
  6. When a goal is scored, play is restarted from the centre
  7. Substitutes are roll on, roll off.
  8. All free kicks are indirect and players must be two metres
    from the kicker. Referees are instructed to advance play
    should this not be observed.
  9. When the ball goes out of play, restart with a kick in.
  10. All kick ins are indirect.  Back passes to the keeper are not allowed,
  11. Swearing at the referee is an automatic sending off offence.
  12. The referee has sole authority of the match.
  13. ALL players must wear shin pads
  14.  Any player sent off will be banned from the rest of the tournament


A referee shall be appointed for each match.

The referee is the sole person in charge of the match and will adjudicate on all matters for the duration of the match.

Each team shall field a maximum of six players on the field of play at any one time, one of which shall be the goalkeeper.

A minimum of four players must be on the field of play for a team to take part in a match.

If at the scheduled start of the match a team has an insufficient number of players, the team will be granted five minutes to field the required number of players.  If the minimum number of players is not reached by this time the team will forfeit the match.  A ‘friendly’ match may be played.

Players will be advised over the PA system to assemble on the field.  The match will then start on the whistle of the referee.



The match will stop for half-time upon the whistle of the referee.

The half-time break will be approximately 2 minutes long.

The match will restart upon the whistle of the referee.


The match will conclude upon the whistle of the referee.


There are unlimited interchanges (within reason and at discretion of the referee) permitted during the match.

Interchange may only take place when the ball is out of play.

Prior to the interchange the team must inform the referee that it wishes to make an interchange.?????

The interchange requires the referee’s approval.???

The interchanges are to be made at the half-way line.

Excessive and time-wasting interchanges will not be allowed and this shall be at the discretion of the referee.

KICK-INS there are no throw in

If a ball goes over the sideline play is resumed by a kick-in at the point the ball crossed the sideline The game shall be restarted with a kick-in from where the ball left the field.

The ball is to be placed on the touch line for a kick-in to be taken.

All kick-ins are to be considered to have entered the field when kicked.

All opposition players shall be at least 5 metres away from the ball at a kick-in. However the player taking the kick-in may elect to take a ‘quick’ kick-in and not have to wait until the opposition players have retreated 5 metres.

A goal cannot be scored directly from a kick-in.


All defending players shall be at least 5 metres away from the goal area when a goal kick is being taken.

A restart from a goal kick (by a goal keeper or a field player) must not cross the half way line on the full.  If the ball lands in the opposition half, a free kick will be awarded to the opposing team from the half-way line.


All defending players shall be at least 5 metres away from the corner.  However the player taking the corner kick may elect to take a ‘quick’ corner and not have to wait until the opposition players have retreated 5 metres.


A minor infringement during play shall result in a free kick awarded to the opposition team to that which caused the infringement.

A serious infringement during play may result in the offending player receiving either a yellow or red card.


All free kicks are indirect unless the foul denies a goal scoring opportunity in which case the referee will award a penalty kick 8 metres from goal.

All opposition players shall be at least 5 metres away from the ball.  However the player taking the free kick may elect to take a ‘quick free kick and not have to wait until the opposition players have retreated 5 metres.

Any free-kicks awarded to an attacking team within 5 metres of the goal must be taken back to a spot 5 metres from the goal.  In such an instance, the defending team may form a ‘wall’ on the goal line between the goal posts.


There is no offside Rule in the BBS competition.  However, deliberately placing a player in a blatantly offside position is contrary to the spirit of the game and is considered to be ‘Unsportsmanlike Conduct’.  Players who continue to play in an Offside position can be warned by the referee who may also award a free kick to the defending team.


The goalkeeper is allowed to handle ball only within the goal area.

The goalkeeper is not allowed to throw or kick the ball (from inside the goal area) over the half-way line on the full.  If the ball lands in the opposition half, a free kick will be awarded to the opposing team from the half-way line.

Goalkeepers may not play outside the goal area thus becoming an extra field player; however they can do so when the ball is either side of his area toward the sideline normal field player rules shall apply whilst outside the goal area.


The definitions and rules of Fouls and Misconduct are the same as those described by F.I.F.A.  witthe following variations apply:

Yellow Card: 2 minutes off-field suspension.  No substitution is allowed for that player during the 2-minute period.

Red Card:      Off-field suspension for the rest of the match.  No substitution is allowed for that player in this match.

A team may continue to play with a minimum of three players as long as there is a player with a Yellow Card eligible to re-enter the match bringing the number of players back to the minimum number required .

No slide tackles are permitted.  The penalty for a slide tackle is a Yellow Card and a free kick is awarded to the team of the tackled player.

Any tackle from behind which endangers the safety of an opponent will be sanctioned as Serious Foul Play.

If a player receives three yellow cards during the competition, an automatic one game suspension will apply.

If a player is sent off, the player will receive an automatic one game suspension.  For violent or reckless conduct witnessed and reported by the referee or other competition officials, the player will face the Judiciary Panel and, if guilty, may be banned from any further participation the BBS competition.

The Judiciary Panel may also impose the deduction of points to a team whose player/s is/are guilty of violent or other conduct which brings the competition into disrepute

The decision of the Judiciary Panel is final.


Sudden Death penalties will decide any knock out games that end in a draw
(knock out rounds only) (sudden death from the 1st

The Tournament Directors reserve the right to remove any team from
the tournament at any time.

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